1902: Childhood
1915: Learning
1916: World War I
1923: Soviet Jewry
1928: Marriage
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Flight from Europe
1939-45: Holocaust & Rebuilding
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1950: Leadership
Chassidic Feminism
1960: Technology
1963: Rebellion
1967: The Six Day War
1972: Retirement?
1974: Mitzvah Tanks
Illness & Challenge
1983: Mankind
"Sunday Dollars"
1988: Passing of Rebbetzin
1989: The End of the Cold War
Missiles & Miracles
3 Tammuz 1994: Transmission
1994: Discovery of the "Reshimot"
Today: The Goal
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The Man and the Century:
A Timeline Biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

1915: Learning

Little is known of the Rebbe's early life for the simple reason that in those formative years, the bulk of his days and nights were spent in private study.

Recognized by his teachers as a child prodigy, the Rebbe outgrew formal cheder in his early childhood and was taught by private tutors; soon he was studying on his own, under the guidance of his father. In his teens, he was already corresponding with noted Torah scholars several decades his senior.

As world leader of Chabad-Lubavitch, the Rebbe founded dozens of yeshivot, including centers for higher Torah learning in Morocco (1950), Australia (1952), Montreal (1957), Miami (1974), Seattle (1976), Caracas (1977), Los Angeles (1978), Buenos Aries (1980), and Johannesburg (1984).