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Medicine Net
Find easy-to-understand medical information to make smart health decisions with your doctor. Stay informed on all aspects of health and medicine. Get the latest health and medical news delivered to your e-mail box!

eMedicine features up-to-date medical journals, online physician reference textbooks, and a full-text article database. This largest Internet medical library and clinical knowledge base is available to everyone and free of charge.

Librabry of the National Medical Society
Medical Reference Library Online. Journals, books and online diagnosis for medicine, primary care, AIDS, HIV, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, family medicine, psychiatry, and surgery.

University of Maryland Medicine
This Reference Guide provides definitions for the most common medical terms. Many terms also have links to additional information on the this website.

Wokers' Compensation Board
We are a non-profit disability insurance system designed to protect workers and employers from the full impact of work-related injuries and illness.

American Medical Association
AMA links to consumer health information including Medem and other patient resources.