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Obtain real-time data on scheduled and actual flight departure and arrival times as well as terminal, gate and baggage claim information.

Some flight numbers may include letters (e.g. SN551), some four digits flights may be tracked by the last three digits only (e.g., UA1234 may be tracked as UA234).

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The Federal Aviation Administration
FAA provides a safe, secure, and efficient global aerospace system that contributes to national security. FAA is responsive to the dynamic nature of customer needs, economic conditions, and environmental concerns.
We offer a variety of search options that allow you to find flight info even without knowing the flight number. The simplicity, integrated delay, airport status and weather information and the breadth of search capabilities are unmatched by any other service on the Internet today.

WebFlyer Network
We've been publishing frequent flyer information online since 1987 and the popularity of the World Wide Web has made it easier for hundreds of thousands of people to access the thousands of pages that WebFlyer has to offer. The WebFlyer Network is a great place to reach frequent travelers.

OAG utilizes a breadth of technology platforms to create and deliver information to address differing customer needs in the most appropriate way. OAG also has the capability to receive and distribute customized information.