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Astreaux World
Listen to free internet radio stations including Astreaux World. On this one free internet radio station over 1000 people listen every day, and each listener enjoys Astreaux World for over one hour on average. That's over 30,000 hours of music heard on this internet radio station every month. And we are just one of thousands of stations on Live365. Astreaux World has been a free internet radio station since 1999, and will remain free to listeners forever.

Internet Oasis
Internet Oasis plays a mix of new age, ambient and electronic music. You'll discover music that calms, enlightens, and inspires people. Internet Oasis includes their own free, easy-to-download music player (Player365), but can also be used with Winamp and iTunes. Artists can also submit music within the genre for a chance to be broadcasted by the very own people who bring to you, Internet Oasis.

Shirley Cason
Combines piano with sweet orchestral and soft synthesizers sounds to create beautiful instrumental melody of new age music that is soothing, calming and relaxing to your soul. Come, listen to her new age music and find out why the world is listening to her music!