Library: Kabbalah & Chassidism
The Chassidic Approach To Joy By Shloma Majesky
Publisher's Foreword Mind-Control
Understanding, the Core of Joy Growing From Pain
Being Happy at All Times Growing Beyond the "I"
Seeing the Silver Lining Letting Go
Expanding Our Horizons Simchah: A Dynamic of Empowerment
Probing Beneath the Surface A Lightning Rod to the Apiritual Realms
Confronting Challenges Bringing Moshiach with Happiness

Today there is a desperate search to find the key to overcome anxiety, anger, and depression; to master those negative feelings which incapacitate thousands of intelligent, capable individuals, and drain the joy of life from many others. For more than two centuries, individuals who have lived by the teachings of Jewish mysticism and Chassidus have been recognized as people full of joy and inspiration, radiating life and energy. This genuine joy comes from profound spiritual awareness on life and an absolute clarity of direction, living for a purpose. Now with the Chassidic Approach to Joy you too can explore the mystical depths of your soul as well as the universe at large, on the well-traveled path to pure, internal happiness.