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Kids Health
KidsHealth Parents section has doctor-approved, accurate, up-to-date, and jargon-free health information about children from before birth through adolescence.

Kids Health and Fitness
Physical and Sport Education Consultant (HPE Solutions) have developed a range of flexible lesson ideas for primary school teachers and their students. These lesson ideas will help students learn about the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

US Department of Health and Human Services
For kids only! Here is your opportunity to ask questions relating to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information's (NCADI) information specialists are ready to help you.

Food and Drug Administration
"Kids" homepage. The many medical devices approved by the FDA for use.

Keep Kids Healthy
A Pediatricians guide to your childrens health, with free parenting advice, baby names guide, and info on growth and development.

Home & Family
Learn about common health mistakes parents make and be sure that your child is receiving all vaccinations at the right time of their development. Make your kids' health a priority and learn more with this information.

India Mart
Kids Health Care Guide - Guide to kids health providing information about newborn care, vaccination, illness, breast feeding, jaundice of the newborn & other health related information

Dole 5 A day
Find out how you can fulfill national standards of learning while also teaching young students about nutrition, health, and fitness.

Nutrition Explorations
Provide nutrition education information and resources for teachers, school foodservice professionals, parents, families and kids. A fun and easy way to learn and teach nutrition, Nutrition Explorations was developed by the National Dairy Council.

BBC Health
BBC Health site presents Kids' Health, a young and lively website for kids wanting to know how their body works and why, plus tips on improving their wellbeing.