Health - Alternative Medicine
Selected Websites:


Holistic Online
A full text of acupuncture. From its origin history, philosophy, how it works, to theory all has completed explanation.

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
To promote the integration of concepts from traditional and modern forms of acupuncture with Western medical training and thereby synthesize a more comprehensive approach to health care.

A very useful site to help finding an acupuncturist, also listed a resource guide.

Acupuncture / Acupressure Internet Resources
This web site provides a variety of acupuncture links and resources.

Chinese Medicine:

Qi Journal
Complete selection of educational materials on Chinese culture, Tai Chi, Qigong, Language, Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese Medicine.

The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis
A Layman's in-depth introduction to Oriental Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.

Healing People
Discover how this rich tradition combines acupuncture and Qi Gong with herbs and nutrition to promote the healthy flow of energy throughout the body.

Herbal Medicine:

Health Info
Alphabetical herb information search for students, Acupuncturists, TCM practitioners, and patients.

The American Botanical Council
Provide the education using science-based and traditional information to promote the responsible use of herbal medicine.

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
The RCHM was set up to regulate the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM). We now represent over 400 fully qualified practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine.


Massage Magazine
Provide to massage and touch therapists the tools, information and resources to help them succeed both in their businesses and their session rooms.

Massage Network
A worldwide listing of massage therapists dedicated to professionalizing massage. Provide information for both comsumers and providers of massage, including a discussion board.

Healthy Life:

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
NCCAM is dedicated to exploring complementary and alternative healing practices in the context of training researchers and disseminating authoritative information to the public and professionals.

WholeHealthMD the source for Alternative medicine
Physician-directed actionable health information, which combines conventional medicine and alternative therapies to improve Whole Health.

HealthGate Data Corp. - The Natural Pharmacist
An up-to-date and extensive source of objective and science-based information on natural medicine. There are two editions of The Natural Pharmacist - one for use by the consumer and one for use by the professional clinician.

Soil And Health Library
This is a free public library offering full-texts of books on alternative agriculture, holistic health, longevity, self-sufficient living, personal and spiritual development.