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Drug Addiction Sites: Substance Abuse Page
This comprehensive site offers diverse information and links about all aspects of substance abuse; extremely helpful for both professionals and the general public.

Bill Moyers Close to Home Online
Companion website to television documentary series.

Common Drugs of Abuse
National Institute on Drug Abuse overview of various drugs, potential for dependence, ways that they are used, and duration of effects.

Drug Addiction: The Struggle
Global report from the United States Information Agency.

Drug Enforcement Administration: Get It Straight!
Provides basic information about drugs to families.

Drugnews Index
Media Awareness Project provides breaking news about drugs on the international scene.

Drug Photo Menu
Color photographs of drugs and drug topics from various websites, compiled by the Indiana Prevention Resource Center.

Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Megasite with something for everybody; includes information about drugs, publications, statistics, and news.

Join Together Online
Excellent, timely website devoted to substance abuse and violence prevention.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Indispensable resource for drug and alcohol information, including searchable databases, pamphlets, and the latest research.

Pathology of Drug Abuse
Pathology slides of the effects of various drugs on bodily organs.

Pathways of Addiction
National Institute of Medicine book about the biological, psychological, and social effects of addiction.

Understanding Addiction: Basic Science Information
Explores the effects of substance on the nervous system.

Web of Addictions
Comprehensive resources on a variety of addictions.