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Arizona - Arizona Business Directory - Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and other Arizona Businesses.
Michigan - Michigan Business Directory - Detroit, MI
California - California Business Directory - Los Angeles, CA including San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Fresno Businesses.
Missouri - Missouri Businesses - Kansas City, MO
Colorado - Colorado Business Directory - Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins Businesses.
Nevada - Nevada Business Directory - Las Vegas, NV
Connecticut - Connecticut Business Directory - Hartford, CT
New York - New York Business Directory - Albany, NY
Florida - Florida Business Directory - Tallahassee, FL including Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando Businesses
Ohio - Ohio Business Directory - Columbus, OH
Georgia - Georgia Business Directory - Atlanta, GA
Oregon - Oregon Business Directory - Portland, OR
Illinois - Illinois Business Directory - Chicago, IL
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Business Directory - Philadelphia, PA
Indiana - Indiana Business Directory - Indianapolis, IN
Tennessee - Tennessee Business Directory - Memphis, TN
Kansas - Kansas Business Directory
Texas - Texas Business Directory - Austin, TX
Louisiana - Louisiana Business Directory - Baton Rouge, LA
Virginia - Virginia Business Directory - Richmond, VA
Maine - Maine Business Directory - Portland, ME
Washington State - Washington Business Directory - Seattle, WA
Maryland - Maryland Business Directory - Baltimore, MD
Wisconsin - Wisconsin Business Directory - Milwaukee, WI
Massachusetts - Massachusetts Business Directory - Boston, MA

Selected Web Sites:, Network
The internet's only business-focused search engine and directory that contains more than 400,000 listings within 25,000 industries, products, and service subcategories.

Google Directory Business
A Google website that is a directory of business categories

New York Times: Business Section
This website is the online version of the New York Times, which provides news and market commentaries on the business world.

The Internet Public Library - Business Directories
The Internet Public Library is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. It provides online directories for many different areas including business, government, science and technology.

Yahoo! Directory Business and Economy
A Yahoo! website that is a directory of business-related around the world.

International Business Forum
The International Business Forum provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace. It is intended for companies wishing to export or expand into foreign markets as well as for those interested to acquire products and services from other countries.