Business - Business Plans

What goes in a business plan? The body can be divided into four distinct sections:

1) Description of the business 2) Marketing 3) Finances 4) Management

Addenda should include an executive summary, supporting documents, and financial projections. Although there is no single formula for developing a business plan, some elements are common to all business plans. They are summarized in the following outline:

Elements of a Business Plan

1. Cover sheet
2. Statement of purpose
3. Table of contents
I. The Business:

A. Description of business
B. Marketing
. Competition
. Operating procedures
. Personnel
. Business insurance

II. Financial Data:

A. Loan applications
. Capital equipment and supply list
C. Balance sheet
. Breakeven analysis
. Pro-forma income projections (profit & loss statements)
*Three-year summary
*Detail by month, first year
*Detail by quarters, second and third years
*Assumptions upon which projections were based
. Pro-forma cash flow

III. Supporting Documents:

  • Tax returns of principals for last three years Personal financial statement (all banks have these forms)
  • For franchised businesses, a copy of franchise contract and all supporting documents provided by the franchisor
  • Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space
  • Copy of licenses and other legal documents
  • Copy of resumes of all principals
  • Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc.
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